Imagine having a Team of Coaches behind you to help you bring your 6 or 7 Figure Coaching, Consulting or Service Based Business Goals to life...

If you're a Faith-Based Entrepreneur and You're ready to Turn your Gifts, Passions & Skills into a highly Profitable business that You can launch in 90 days or less (and generate $10k-$20k+ months with ease), then you've landed on the right page, at the right time!

Let's Skip The Small Talk, I'm Ready To Join!

Let's be honest, being a Believer in Business can be challenging..

And finding a safe space where you can talk about High-Level Business Strategy (that really works), Building Wealth and Impacting Lives while talking Scriptures and being led by the Hoy Spirit is nearly impossible to find.

For years, I knew God was calling me to a Higher Standard, and that He was desiring for me to build a Support community for Believers in Business that would teach how to incorporate Solid Business Strategy, Systems and putting Profit Plans in place so that we could operate in the Gifting, Anointing and Calling for our Lives!

After years of asking far too many questions like "How should we do this?", "What will this look like"?, "Is it okay to mix God and Business?"... we are here!

If you've been wanting to Launch, Grow & Scale a Coaching, Consulting or High-Level Service Based Business, and you're tired of Playing Small, Playing the Humble and Hiding role and not walking in the Full Power and Anointing that you know you've been called to, then this is where you need to be!

Welcome Home.. Now it's time to get Positioned for this Wealth Transfer!

Who We Are.. What We Do.. How We Can Help

As the world is shifting around us, we no longer have Years to "work on our business"! You literally have a 30, 60 or maybe even 90 Day window before you need to be in profit mode, generating business and earning income!! However, with all the information floating around and all the "experts" telling you what you should and should not be doing, it can be confusing, overwhelming and even discouraging, but with the right help, it can be Liberating and Empowering!

Our Team has come together to help position you on the Winning Side of your Business, with the ability to help you get your offer to the market quickly, while providing you with a blueprint on the steps you need to implement to successfully launch, grow, scale and build a Highly Profitable Business!

Who We Are...

Our Team at One to a Million™ Coaching Program, is filled with talented Business Owners here to support you with everything you need to go from Idea to Income and Concept to Cashflow.

We have a team with over 7 Coaches, specializing in all different areas of business, that you get to work with, who will help you navigate through each phase of getting your business Launched, Growing and Profitable.

What We Do...

We have set up a 5-Step Process to help you Get your Business Launched Successfully, as well as a 3 Step System to help you Grow your business to generate $10k - $20K+ Months of Recurring Revenue.

With our special One To A Million™ System, we literally hold your hand through every step of the process of launching your offer, and connecting you with your Dream Clients, that you will be in awe of the growth, support and results you experience while working with us.

How We Help...

We help you with the following areas:

  • Building a Business around your "God-Idea" and Zone of Genius, dumping all the "Good Ideas" that have kept you drowning in idea overload
  • Getting Clarity and Honing in on your Highest Value Offer
  • Identifying who your Ideal "Ready to Pay" Clients are
  • Helping you Get launched and to Market Quickly to begin connecting with your Dream Clients
  • Create your High Value Offer and help you get it launched and to the Marketplace quickly (within 60-90 days)
  • Helping you Build out your Profit Plan & Ascension Revenue Model (where we show you how to turn your 1 Core Area of Expertise into a Million Dollar Business Model)
  • & So much more....

If you're a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Ready to get your offer Launched in 90 Days or Less & Turn Your Expertise Into a High-Value Offer, but You're trying to figure out....


Overcoming complicated strategies that hold you back from getting your offer in front of clients and getting to the Profits quickly...


With all the advice online, wondering what I should be focusing on "right now" to build my business?


How do I charge Premium Prices for my Services?


You're ready to GET GOING and turn your Expertise into Cash Flow, and you don't want to deal with Complicated Funnels, Being on Social Media all day, and waiting to build a huge following in order to get PAID...

If you said yes to any of the above, know that we've worked with hundreds of clients, faced with the same challenges, while showing them how to "Escape the Entrepreneur Rat Race" , and build a Simple Sales System and Process that aligns with YOU, that attracts your ideal clients, produces results and get you to the market quickly where you can begin generating Cash Flow!

Who You Are:

You're a talented, gifted, brilliant Entrepreneur filled with Expertise, but you want to walk in Your Puporse and You have a few key challenges that you need to address...

  • You are Highly Gifted & Talented with what you do, but you need help with how to properly Package, Price and Launch Your Offer
  • You're tired of battling between where your Vision is going for your Business and what others say you should be doing, and you're ready to be in full alignment with the Vision you have (without feeling like you're losing because you're not following the crowd and the latest trends)
  • You want to launch a Coaching, Consulting or High-Value Serviced Based Business
  • (OR) You're already a Coach, Consultant or Service Provider and you're burned out from working 1:1 with Clients
  • You've been playing small, so very few people know who you are and what you have to offer and you're ready to operate BOLDLY to be the Powerhouse you know God has called you to be
  • You're filled with tons of powerful ideas and insights but you second-guess everything because you're overwhelmed on where to start, what to do and when to do it

Bottom line, You're ready to skip all the latest trends, guru strategies and influencer hype and cut to the chase to build the business you know you're worthy of building!

AND.... You're ready to walk in Bold Faith to finally bring forth all that God has inspired you to create in your life and in your business and you want to do things God's way!

Meet Nicole

My Name is Nicole S. Cooper and I show Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs how to Walk Boldly in your Calling in the area of Business by helping you package Your expertise into highly Profitable Coaching, Consulting & Service Based Programs that You can launch in 90 days or less (and generate $10k-$20k+ months with ease).

I bring forth the Practical Tools, Strategy, Insight and Highly Profitable Blueprints that you'll need to turn your God-Sized Vision & Ideas into Real Live Businesses that will pay you for a Lifetime!

My Goal is to show you how to play life Full out, Take Dominion, Walk in your Power & Authority and Transform Lives with your business while providing you with the tools and steps to do so!

We're over playing small, shrinking back and playing the humble but hiding role. Instead, we're here to Take Dominion, Stand Boldly on our Gifts and Take up Space to be the Lighthouses of our Industry!

With over 15 years of experience as a Business Coach & Consultant, while breaking records and hiting Multiple 7 Figures In Several Industries, I'm here to show you how to GO BIG in life and in your Business without compromising your Values and Vision, and walking in the Wealth as an Heir to the Throne!

You Ready!!


"By implementing the strategies that Coach Nicole and Her team shared with me, I was able to have my highest month and generate $7500 with my first Beta Launch, within 3 weeks of joining the Coaching Program! The level of support is something I've never experienced before, and the love and hand holding they provide as a team, it far exceeded my expectations. If you've joined tons of programs like I have but noone really cared if you were able to succeed or not, you want to join this program. They care and they'll be with you every step of the way!"

- Nicole Duncan, Fitness Trainer (Atlanta, GA)

"Working with Nicole helped me to get SUPER clear about the value I bring to my clients. As a result, the first week I went full-time in my business, I EARNED DOUBLE that week, what I would have made at my job!"

- April Mckie, Trademark Attorney (Michigan)

"Nicole has an uncanny ability to coach people to their fullest potential in business. She helps them identify their strengths (and weaknesses) and build a business that works for THEM. She really helps people with the mindset and skillset to build a highly profitable business without all the fluff."

- Antonio Thornton

"Working with Nicole has been nothing short of amazing!  Nicole came into my life at the right moment.  I was struggling with getting clear on how to map out my business.  One of the things I can say that I love about Nicole is her ability to hear what you are not saying. I was blown away by her ability to map out my product offerings and develop the training content for my training program in the first 30-minutes of our VIP call.  I have worked with many coaches, but Nicole is definitely a gem who is using the gifts God has given her. It shows even after you work with her.  She over-serves and over-delivers.  Every business owner needs a solid team that gets their vision.  Nicole will forever be a part of my team!!"

- Dr. Christi Monk

"Just scheduled my first call BOOM!! POW!! BANG!! LET'S GOOO!!! Nic I just want you to know I have seen a lot of coaches and what your doing for me is different…  The difference is, it doesn’t feel like it’s about the money for you. I can tell you really care for your people!"

- Derrick Strickland

What You'll Experience:

The Inner Circle is specifically designed for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs that's ready to be in a community where you have Real Support, Real Guidance and can get Real Results! Here's what you will experience by joining our community:

Hands on Support, Guidance and Coaching from Real Coaches that will hold your hand every step of the way...

As a Business Coach that has been around the industry for 15+ Years, I have had the opportunity to be in a lot of different circles to see what's working and what's not working. This community was designed around everything we know works like REAL SUPPORT, COACHES THAT WORK DIRECTLY WITH YOU & A SIMPLE SYSTEM THAT GETS YOU TO THE RESULTS QUICKLY!!

Imagine having Direct Access to This Team of Coaches:

  • Content & Sales Copy Coach
  • Business Strategy & Profit Plan Coach
  • Business Messaging & Brand Development
  • Sales Coach
  • Sales Funnel & Tech Coach
  • Brand Designer & Developer
  • Curriculum & Program Framework Coach
  • Accountability Coach
  • Marketing Coach

Step-by-Step Process with Clear Milestones that you can Implement Easily without all the Overwhelm, Confusion and Tech Trauma

So many people are making this process of launching your business complicated "just because". We removed all the Trauma and Stress out of building a business and chose to build with a Grace & Ease Workflow. We've literally created simple roadmaps and checklist to follow, while providing you with an abundance of support to show you the way!

Access to Checklists, Templates and Step by Step Resources

We provide you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to GET LAUNCHED! Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside of this Community:

  • Sales Funnel Templates
  • Email Templates
  • Course + Coaching Program Blueprint
  • Get Launched Planner & Workbook 
  • Rich Niches Selection Process
  • Power Words that Profit Workbook
  • Concept to Cash Flow Roadmap
  • Simple Sales System Blueprint
  • Content Library with Money Magnet Words & High Converting Sales Content
  • & So much more

Cross-Promotion Opportunties as well as being featured in our Free Coaching Fridays Directory

One amazing benefit for being apart of our community is that WE WORK TOGETHER to help push everyones businesses forward. Imagine a team of people are promoting one another to generate buzz and leads.... That's what we do here! From our Directories to supporting each other for the launches, we cross-promote one another to help everyone win!

Quarterly Live Events

Doing business alone just doesn't work. We realize the power of touch, connecting and being in the room with people in Real Life, so with the goal of providing live support, we host Quarterly Events for our members. Get Launched Live (for Inner Circle Members) and Recurring Revenue Live (for Power Circle Members). This event is 2 days of hands on intensive support from Coaches and the Team to ensure you have what you need to Get Launched! As a Member, you get to experience these events

& So Much More!!!

Here's an Overview About Our Coaching Program

Here's what you can expect to receive when you enroll in the Inner Circle...


You no longer have to worry about what to focus on with your business. Our roadmaps will show you exactly what to focus on to grow your business


You no longer have to wonder about the "How-To's". Our team of Experts with Proven Results host trainings monthly on multiple subjects


Need guidance and support? Join us on our Live Coaching & Hot Seat sessions where we'll help you problem-solve and discover solutions to support exactly what you need based on where you are.


Building your business the right way requires specific systems and processes. We'll provide you with templates for key systems you'll need


Wandering what tools you need, who to hire and where to find additional resources? We have a Rolodex that will get you to 6 & 7 figures.


You don't have to do business alone. We're here to support you and we work as a village to support each other on our team huddles & calls

Meet Your Coaching Team

Building a Business Online is the most Isolating experience ever, but what's more frustrating is trying to build all the things you'll need for your business, by yourself.

One of the most amazing benefits you'll have by Joining our Community is to work with our Team of Coaches that will help you go from Overwhelmed, Confused and Lost to Clear, Focused and getting results.

Here are our amazing team of Coaches that you'll get to work with in our Program.

Sheletta Fisher

Clarity & Niche Focus Coach

As a Current Member of the One To A Million™ Coaching Program, Sheletta decided to come on board as a coach before she had the title. With a solid background as a Business Owner, who recently hit her first 6 Figure Year with her Business Funding and Capital Consulting Company, BCC, She understands full well how to "Run the Plays" given to you by your coach. Because she's been great at impelementing what she's learned, she naturally began to invest in other students to support them with getting the Clarity you need and developing a Niche Focus for your business.

Azure Rooths

Curriculum & Business Framework Coach

When you're building a Thriving Business that you want to eventually Automate and Streamline, it's important to have Systems and Frameworks in place to build your business from. Coach Azure is highly gifted at pulling the best out of you when it comes to your Program Process, Steps and Frameworks. When working with her, you'll immediately feel relieved, as you experience her powerful ability to pull out of you, Your Million Dollar Framework! She has the innate ability to turn your Vision, Ideas and Plans into Structure, Steps and Simple Processes. If you're ready to turn your ideas and tons of notebooks into a Solid Process, then you'll look forward to working with Coach Azure!

Charlene Baker

Sales Copy & "Slay Your Content" Coach

When you think about creating content, how do you feel?? Most likely, overwhelmed and unclear on where to start. Imagine having access to a Content Coach and Team that helps you navigate through your content for Social Media Marketing, Sales Copy and Creating content that you can convert consistently into Sells... That's what you'll have by being apart of our community! Charlene is an Industry Leader when it comes to content and she's the Queen of "Slaying Your Content"! The community absolutely adores her and you will to!

Nicole S. Cooper

Lead Coach for Business Strategy & Profit Plan

When it comes to turning Your Ideas into Income and Your Vision into a Viable Plan, Nicole is your Go to! With over 15 Years of Experience with building Business Online, and Coaching Thousands of Entrepreneurs on how to build successful Businesses, she know's what's working and what's not working, and she has the Intuitive ability to know EXACTLY what's needed for you to thrive in your business, while providing you with the Practical Plan that produces Consistent Profits!

Ja'Lisa Neal

Program Manager & Branding Coach

With a heart of Gold, Ja'lisa brings forth the heart and soul into your business. As the Program Manager, she works hands on with most of our clients, while helping them transition into a "Real Business" by bringing your Brand to life! She's brilliant at helping your words come alive in color and as a Branding Specialist, she has created Various Templates, Tools and Resources that you will have access to use to officially launch your business without all the complicated sales funnels and tech trauma!

Are you ready to turn your Expertise into a High-Value Offer that can generate $5k - $10k+ Per Month??

Click the link below to Apply to The Inner Cirlce!

What some of our students say...

I left corporate on January 27th this year to go full-time in my business. As a result of working with Nicole, I have made double in my business in 2 months than I made on the job. Nicole helped me gain clarity in my offer and she gave me the tools needed to put my packages together pointing out the value my services bring to each client.

- Sheletta Fisher

Since working with Nicole, I have gained a deeper understanding of how to embrace God-given gifts, Passion, and skills in business. You walk away from coaching sessions not only with knowledge but empowerment spiritually. She challenges you to discover your true value in order to show up authentically for yourself in business.

- Zaneen Thompson

There are coaches who are good at what they do and then there's Nicole. Nicole possesses not only the brilliance and resources to take you there, but she also has compassion for your dreams and goals, at a human level, that is unmatched and often overlooked. She's helped me get unstuck more times than I can count.

- Donteacia Seymore

"Nicole is about her clients winning period! She champions and encourages you and keeps you moving at the same time. As a result of working with her, we've launched our first webinar, have 10 potential students, and plan on generating $25,000 from our first initial program!"

- Radiah Rhodes, Founder of The Power Professional & Evok Life

"2 years ago,  I started Girl CEO with no support and a big vision. I was attempting to build it all by myself and I was all over the place. Social media and marketing are my gifts but I needed order, strategy, and reliable staff to support my brand. I personally hired a staff of 7+ and it got crazier. I looked up and had 3000 people in my program but no order or systems in place. Thank God for Nicole! She came in and helped me get my program in order. She's professional and efficient with all deliverables. Her support helped me free up my time, automate my business, and increase sales!"

- Ronne Brown, Founder of Girl CEO

"Nicole has leveled my offer and taken me from the consideration phase to action phase. In the first week, I understood my gift, closed a client for a 5 figure deal, got two new clients and she connected me to an amazing network that has elevated my partnerships and ability to service my clients. Working with her was the best investment. "

- Emily, Fractional Director of Operations for the Beauty Industry

"I was recently blessed to be coached by Nicole and what she provided to her group in 30 minutes, I haven't seen provided in many of the social media systems that I have purchased over this last year. Honestly, I was blown away! I recognized that she is the best in the business right away immediately. I want to take my business to the 7-figure level with plans to launch my info-products and that's all because God led me to the right time with the RIGHT PERSON"

- Tina Wheeler

"Nicole's coaching and this group was just the thing that I needed to snap back into gear. Just finished my second call and she said yes to starting my 6-week beta program on November 1st. I have 2 new clients and my goal is to get to 10. I also have 2 new free coaching calls booked."

- Nicole Duncan